Understanding ANS license, host PC, deployment target and Portal

ANS licensing system

After the AI designing process, we provide ANS license to help users deploy trained models into different systems using integrated APIs.

With each license purchased, users will be able to activate 01 host PC, 03 deployment targets and supported integrated API for your system

What is host PC?

By default, if you use the free version of our AI designing software (ANNHUB, DLHUB, ODHUB), you cannot export your trained model and deploy it in other systems. You will need ANS license to do that.

PC that is activated with ANS license will become host PC and can export any trained model for deployment

Note: With each software, you cannot use multiple accounts in the same PC as each PC's ID is locked with only one account. To change it, please contact us.

What is deployment target?

A device used for deployment (AI inference) is called a deployment target.

For example, when you deploy your model into the LabVIEW application; the PC, on which LabVIEW is installed, will become a deployment target.

Host PC (development PC) can also be the deployment target.

Purchase ANS License

Each of our AI designing software comes with different licenses that allow users to port a trained neural network model into different programming languages such as LabVIEW

These licenses can be review in Pricing>APIs & Plugin

Manage licenses (Portal)

After purchasing ANS licenses, you can browse to ANSCENTER's website, login to your account and click Portal at the menu bar to access User Portal

At the Portal Page, you can manage your purchased APIs and Licenses.

Click Licenses to see all your purchased licenses

Users can manage their host PC's and deployment target's numbers at the License board.

The system will auto-detect available licenses and register your current PC as host PC.

To reset your host PC or deployment target, please contact ANSCENTER for support.

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